Urwatul Wutsqo: Jurnal Studi Kependidikan dan Keislaman 2021-04-10T09:08:34+00:00 Urwatul Wutsqo : Jurnal Studi Kependidikan dan Keislaman Open Journal Systems <p><strong>Urwatul Wutsqo</strong> : Jurnal Studi Kependidikan dan Keislaman, berisi artikel tentang bidang ilmu Kependidikan dan keislaman yang diterbitkan oleh Lembaga Penelitian, Penerbitan dan Pengabdian Masyarakat (LP3M) STIT al Urwatul Wutsqo&nbsp; Jombang secara berkala 6 bulanan.<br>Terbit 2 (dua) Kali dalam satu tahun yaitu pada bulan <strong>Maret</strong> dan bulan <strong>September. </strong><br>p-ISSN (Cetak) : <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">2252-6099&nbsp;</a> e-ISSN (Online): <a href=";1583125110&amp;1&amp;&amp;2020" target="_blank" rel="noopener">2721-2483&nbsp;</a></p> PEMBELAJARAN SAINTIFIK DALAM PENINGKATAN MOTIVASI BELAJAR PAI DI SMK NEGERI MOJOAGUNG JOMBANG 2021-03-04T13:40:16+00:00 Abd. Rozaq Umi Habibah <p>This study describes the application of scientific learning in Islamic education subjects at SMK Negeri Mojoagung. This research uses a qualitative approach. Data collection methods: observation, interviews and documentation. The data analysis technique uses the interactive model of Miles and Huberman which includes data reduction, data presentation and conclusion drawing. To check the validity of the data, it was used research extension, observation persistence and triangulation. The result of the research is that scientific learning in Islamic Education subjects at SMK N Mojoagung is applied through student learning activities as follows: Observing (seeing pictures, reading, listening to and identifying the reading of the Koran, listening to explanations, observing the benefits and lessons of wisdom), asking questions (teacher asking students, students asking the teacher, students asking students), trying (memorizing the arguments of the Qur'an, looking for benefits and wisdom, digging information about the consequences of an action, looking for arguments from the Al-Qur'an or hadith from other sources ), reasoning (making conclusions about the benefits and wisdom of orders or prohibitions, making conclusions on matters relating to the impact of doing an action), communicating (expressing opinions, presenting the results of conclusions orally or in writing and responding to a friend's presentation).</p> 2021-03-05T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Abd. Rozaq, Umi Habibah PESANTREN MASA DEPAN 2021-03-16T04:50:15+00:00 Fahad Asyadulloh Binti Nur Afifah <p>The discourse about building an educational paradigm that is suitable for application in pesantren institutions is still interesting to discuss. Many conceptual offers have been presented. This is closely related to the role of pesantren in the modern era with its complexities and problems. Traditional and modern Islamic boarding schools are considered inadequate in responding to the challenges of the times between pragmatic needs and the fulfillment of the moral-spiritual dimension. For this reason, this article intends to offer a pesantren education paradigm that combines traditional and modern components. That the integrated paradigm based on al-Muhafazah 'ala al-Qadim al-Salih wa al-Akhd bi al-Jadid al-Aslah is expected to be able to alleviate the complexity of the education system implemented in Islamic boarding schools. At the very least, this offer is the first step towards a future pesantren with the spirit of salih li kulli zaman wa al-makan; have sensitivity and care about the development of the world. In turn, they are able to produce competent individuals, both in the field of faith and piety and also competence in the field of science and technology (science and technology).</p> 2021-03-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Fahad Asyadulloh, Binti Nur Afifah PROBLEMATIKA PEMBELAJARAN SKI DI MTs SALAFIYAH SYAFIIYAH BANDUNG DIWEK JOMBANG 2021-03-10T08:40:31+00:00 Mar'atul Azizah Rina Bayu Winanda <p>The subject of Islamic history is underestimated or is only considered a complementary subject by students. So that here the researcher is interested in researching about how the problems of learning Islamic Cultural History at MTs Salafiyah Syafiiyah Bandung Diwek Jombang and how the teacher's efforts in overcoming the problems of learning the History of Islamic Culture at MTs Salafiyah Syafiiyah Bandung Diwek Jombang. This research uses a qualitative approach. Data collection methods: observation, interviews and documentation. The data analysis technique used Miles and Huberman's interactive model which included data reduction, data presentation and conclusion drawing. To check the validity of the data, it was used research extension, observation persistence and triangulation. The results of this study found that: Mathematics of learning resource problems are incomplete, lack of understanding of the method, the lack of media so that it meets the learning objectives, student problems before and during learning, some evaluation scores are below standard. The teacher's efforts: learning resources are handled with the internet as a complementary source, methods are handled with other methods prepared by the teacher, media are overcome with other media that are easy to find, students are overcome with several common things, evaluation is overcome with remedial programs.</p> 2021-03-29T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Mar'atul Azizah, Rina Bayu Winanda PENDEKATAN KEADILAN GENDER PADA PENERAPAN IDDAH DITINJAU DARI STUDI ISLAM 2021-03-04T14:11:33+00:00 Riha Nadhifah Minnuril Jannah Naning Faiqoh <p>This paper aims to discuss the concept of iddah which is considered to discriminate against women because it is considered to limit women's movement after divorce or death by their husbands. But in that case Islam actually has clearly regulated in the Qur'an and hadith. Therefore, the problem that wants to be researched and analyzed is how the application of iddah today in Islamis gender equitable and is still relevant if applied. From the research results, there is actually no more injustice of any kind against women, let alone using religious legitimacy to discredit women. Because&nbsp; basically Islam is earlier than the history of any religion which pays special attention to the dehumanization of humanity experienced by women and serves which function as Khalifah fi al-ard. And iddah is still very relevant if it is applied today because in fact, even though today there are many discoveries and modern sciences that undermine the aims of iddah and assume that there is discrimination against women, infact there are many lessons and goals that can be taken from the process of having iddah.</p> 2021-03-29T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Riha Nadhifah Minnuril Jannah, naning faiqoh PENANAMAN NILAI-NILAI AGAMA ISLAM MELALUI KEGIATAN EKSTRAKURIKULER PRAMUKA DI SMP PGRI JOGOROTO – JOMBANG 2021-03-04T13:43:03+00:00 Solechan Etik Fatmawati <p>Scout education in Indonesia is an important aspect of national education and is part of the history of Indonesia's struggle. In its development, scouting education has begun to be less attractive and is considered a monotonous activity and what is learned is only that. Whereas behind the simplicity of scouting education, scouting activities can be observed seriously and will develop all the potential that has been bestowed by Allah to humans related to Islamic religious values ??contained in the basic principles of scouting<strong>. </strong>The purpose of this research is to describe the cultivation of Islamic religious values ??through scout extracurricular activities at SMP PGRI Jogoroto. Supporting and inhibiting factors for planting Islamic religious values ??through scout extracurricular activities at SMP PGRI Jogoroto. This type of research includes field research using a qualitative approach. Data collection techniques through interviews, observation, and documentation. Data analysis using data reduction, data display and verification. Furthermore, the data validity test technique is through participation extension, observation persistence, and triangulation. The result of this research is the method of planting Islamic religious values, namely the method of advising, the method of letting go, and the method of modeling. The material for planting Islamic religious values ??is the values ??of faith and moral values. Supporting factors: psychological factors in the form of student motivation, social environmental factors, learning approach factors. Inhibiting factors, namely the lack of parental education for children, a less supportive environment, and differences in student IQ.</p> 2021-04-02T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Solechan, Etik Fatmawati ALIRAN-ALIRAN FILSAFAT BARAT KONTEMPORER (POSTMODERNISME) 2021-04-10T09:08:34+00:00 Lailatul Maskhuroh <p>Philosophy in the contemporary era has different characteristics from the previous era. Some of its characteristics, namely departing from humans who live in this age are very careful in following scientific development methods as well as examining language, meaning, symbols and emotions, human life attitudes. Technology dominates in this era so that many philosophers who are realists and the human soul experience emptiness. It can be said that the distinctive feature of this contemporary philosophy is that it does not have a flow form but continues to conduct studies and propose solutions that are continuously updated, a school of philosophy emerged in the postmodernism era, namely phenomenology and existentialism, analytical philosophy and philosophy of language, critical philosophy, postmodernism, while those which are used as a discussion in the era of Western contemporary philosophy and its surroundings, namely logical positivism, neomarxism, pragmatism, Neo-kantianism, phenomenology and existentialism, philosophy of life, postmodernism, contemporary atheism, hermeneutics.</p> 2021-04-10T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Lailatul Maskhuroh PEMBERDAYAAN REMAJA MASJID DAN PERANNYA DALAM PENDIDIKAN ISLAM 2021-04-02T02:38:43+00:00 Beny Sintasari <p>Youth empowerment and mentoring aims to make them a good young generation; namely adolescents who are righteous, faithful, knowledgeable, skilled and have noble character. To foster Muslim teenagers, it can be done in various approaches, including through the activities of youth mosques. Mosque youth is an organization that accommodates Muslim youth activities in prospering mosques. Mosque youth is an alternative forum for youth development that is good and needed by the people. By being oriented towards mosque, Islamic, scientific, youthful and skill activities, this organization can provide opportunities for its members to develop themselves according to their talents and creativity. Mosque youth have a very important role because mosque youth is an organization that really thinks about the development of Islam. Mosque youth play a role in the spread of Islamic culture. Through mosque youth, we can gradually instill Islamic values ??in children, so that they can fortify the Muslim generation in every activity.</p> 2021-04-18T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Beny Sintasari